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Amazon Best Selling Author and National Commentator

Known for early National TV commentary in 2005 predicting the real estate downturn, and relentless in my pursuit to inform the public in advance.

Ed Predicted the Downturn and now he is Predicting the Next Boom

In 2005 I went public forecasting a major downturn and received resistance from economic authorities and professionals.

Mentor with Ed for Low Risk High Return Investing

My methods are for the 98 percentile and not just the few. Low Risk and High Return through building a portfolio over time is what makes success.

How to Achieve a Lifetime of Income

Building a real estate portfolio with monthly checks paid to you for the rest of your life is why investors use me as their coach.


Popular Author and Real Estate Coach
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Ed's live classes are not available do to his busy schedule. However you can get all the same benefits with his materials and instruction from a Pre-recorded Web Video Series at NO CHARGE (normally $1000). His normal live program is upwards of $1000 in membership fees. Click on the Cart Button to receive the series today!

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This program is 100% digital based and designed for people who want an inexpensive educational series to launch a real estate investments plan. It is the same material that I do in my live mentorship program (no difference, other than the series is not live, instead it is delivered over the web upon purchase).

All my education is designed for people who want a real estate investing system that has low personal risk, does not require special personality characteristics to succeed, and is a proven logical systematic approach to creating a minimum of one million dollars in real estate over five years.

As your real estate investor mentor, I do not require you to learn how to find people that are willing to sell their property at a low price, nor compete with the tens of thousands that have taken courses related to; house flipping, foreclosure buying, short sale, no-money-down, real estate motivational coaching, or any other type of “real estate investing get rich system”. My pre-recorded sessions are an all inclusive real estate investing seminar that will provide you a foundation for investing, and an understanding of what to buy, where to buy, when to buy and how to go about buying or finding investors to help you purchase. I do included education on many of the most common no-money-down techniques but the video series is not designed as a mentorship for no-money-down. Instead you will walk away with all the techniques and a platform for you to chose the method that best fits your goals and personality. In fact if you decide to seek out a real estate investing mentor that specializes in handholding you for no-money-down techniques, you will likely be very happy that you already completed my video series as a foundation for your future.

Despite what anyone tells you, 98 percent of all real estate millionaires make their wealth the way I did; through managing and building of my own real estate portfolio to gain a lifetime of passive income (income while you sleep). Whether you are new to real estate, have an existing real estate investment portfolio, or you have taken a previous real estate investing seminar, you are certain to expand your knowledge with my mentorship.

There are only four requirements to be mentored by me; 1. Learn from me the knowledge that other real estate millionaires use to be successful. All you need to do is listen, I do the rest. 2. Devote some of your personal time consistently over a long period. Since I had a full time job my plan, back in the 90's, only consisted of 10 hours a month to achieve a five million dollar wealth goal within five years. Yours may be less or more depending on your individual circumstances and financial goals. 3. Drive your five year millionaire wealth accumulation plan by "staying the course with conviction". This is realistic and doable since my real estate investment seminars allow us to work together to create a plan that is acceptable to you. 4. A commitment to invest in real estate for your future wealth accumulation.Includes a thirty day membership to edsforecast where you have access to calculators and investors tools, and together we start all the items listed below (one per customer only).

Yes, it is really that simple and cost effective and the ONLY FREE VIDEO program you will find!

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With real estate digital series, EVERY MEMBER receives 100% of the benefits below;

  • Peace of mind, knowing that you have a strategic advantage of using an Amazon Best Selling Author to educate you in growing your real estate portfolio business.

  • Shave off months or even years from the time that it typically takes an average investor to create a portfolio of passive income (income while you sleep).

  • A live video series (set of six 90 minute sessions delivered over the web immediate upon purchase), taught by Ed.

  • Access and Video training to complete a 5 year investment plan to achieve a minimum of one million dollars in results (or more if desired), designed unique for you and your circumstance.

  • Learn secrets that only the largest investor’s use, while receiving easy technological tools to perform just as well as they do.

  • Assistance on how to select the best properties with the greatest financial return.

  • Optionally (yes, OPTIONAL and NOT REQUIRED) you can purchase a course guide ($24.95 on Amazon only - not available on this web site), My Best Seller book “Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth (major business publisher Wiley)”                          

  • Training to analyze the financial strength of your real estate purchases, as well as, any properties that you may already own.

  • A 30 day membership (cannot be combined with any other coupons for extension) to my web site where you will have access to simple business calculators that assist you in optimizing wealth accumulation for one entire year from the date of order.

  • Knowledge to qualify available property, agents and property management firms.

  • If you prefer to purchase property where I have invested; you will be given my pre-qualified investment area with ample positive cash flow properties, along with the same real estate agent and property management firm I use.

  • All the tools you need to successfully create your financial freedom.

  • Detailed strategies for protecting your newfound wealth and more...

  • After just a few months you will have achieved all of the above benefits. As an video member continual benefit is available to you and include; Access to continual education, financial tools web site membership, one property analysis of the financial viability of your purchases, an online tool to create your five year financial plan, and more...

Many people ask;

"Is this mentorship program thorough, since other mentorships are upwards of $1,000 to $5,000 while the Ed Ross Investor Mentorship is only a fraction of the cost?”

 "I desire my mentorship to be affordable and accessible, which is why my video series is being delivered FREE. In addition, I believe that with the correct proven curriculum investors will not require the handholding that other coaches demand for success. Instead you can learn all you need in a matter of weeks to launch your plan towards financial wealth. My methods were not designed for individuals that need to have a special personality characteristic or motivation, where continual coaching becomes a requirement to slightly increase the already marginal success rate."

Motivation is not a requirement in my coaching. We are all motivated by financial success and financial freedom which is what my mentorship is all about. With my coaching assistance you walk away with a plan to achieve your financial goals over the next few years. The difference is that my methods were designed around low risk, high reward investing, over a period of time. Although some may view this as a conservative financial approach to creating your high wealth goals, it is the ONLY mentorship that I am certain works for the masses rather than the few.

Make a sound business decision and invest in yourself for your future. Mentorship programs begin on regular intervals throughout the month. Upon purchase my materials will be sent and myself or a representative will contact you to schedule our first call.  STILL HAVE QUESTIONS...CALL ED DIRECT at 949-630-2485.

Join with me today and start your path to financial success immediately.

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