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Amazon Best Selling Author and National Commentator

Known for early National TV commentary in 2005 predicting the real estate downturn, and relentless in my pursuit to inform the public in advance.

Ed Predicted the Downturn and now he is Predicting the Next Boom

In 2005 I went public forecasting a major downturn and received resistance from economic authorities and professionals.

Mentor with Ed for Low Risk High Return Investing

My methods are for the 98 percentile and not just the few. Low Risk and High Return through building a portfolio over time is what makes success.

How to Achieve a Lifetime of Income

Building a real estate portfolio with monthly checks paid to you for the rest of your life is why investors use me as their coach.

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Working with Ed Ross

What does Ed Ross do for me with his FREE video series?

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create a significant real estate portfolio that gives you a sustainable and reliable monthly income for the rest of your life, referred to as Passive Income (Income While You Sleep).

What you need to do?

The willingness and �drive� to be consistent over a long period of time until you are satisfied with the permanent monthly income you will be making for the rest of your life. You will not need any special skills whatsoever, not even to locate your purchase, nor managed your properties.  You will need to know how to manage the financial aspects of a real estate portfolio and continually grow it, all of which is taught to you. Those without credit or investment cash will learn additional skills to overcome those challenges. Those with credit and cash can reduce their personal time and efforts to achieve desired results. Each walk away with investor knowledge that is equivalent or surpasses every seasoned professional.

What Ed does not include in his real estate investing program.

This is not a �make hundreds of offers to find the deal�, �negotiate to find a property�, �flip that house�, �short sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure method for success�, �deal making program�, �advertise for sellers�, �advertise for buyers�, �no cash down�, nor a �get rich quick scheme�.  However, anyone who is doing one of these types of programs will grow and expand their knowledge by complimenting their skills with Ed's low risk high return method..and yes it includes 9 hours of FREE seminar instruction.

How does Ed help me create "Income while you sleep" and how long does it take?

At a minimum each member produces a five year plan to create a minimum wealth of one million dollars and a sustainable monthly income of $5,000+ a month. This is realistic and doable for the masses and not reserved for just the few!

Prove to me that this is worth my time and effort.

First of all, since the 9 hour mentorship video series is FREE, your time is all you are required to devote to this program. There is absolutely no secret to Ed�s methods. Thousands of individuals have learned from his free public media appearances, multiple published books (the most recent being the Amazon Best Selling Book, "Forecasting for Real Estate Wealth", through major USA publisher John Wiley), free report series, and the community at large. He has spoken at low cost or free venues including The Learning Annex, National T.V., Regional Business Television shows. Ed has refused to make his methods secret, but instead he adds significant value in his mentor program by helping you expedite wealth accumulation easier, combining and condensing all his writings and multiple public appearances into a coaching program. By working direct with Ed you will be given a personal wealth accumulation plan that is certain to shave months, or even years, towards ultimate financial success. Ed's coaching delivers you everything you need to start investing, including properties to purchase, property management and contacts for you to start making a monthly income immediately.

Why join Ed's real estate mentorship program?

In Ed�s Words; �My real estate coaching program is for those who are like me that have limited time and prefer the fastest means and method to achieving immediate wealth results (with NO COST, and absolutely FREE to start your education). When I started investing over 20 years ago, I experimented with just about any methodology I could find. Only after spending two years of my time, I discovered that it was necessary for me to to create my own personalized wealth plan that fit my finances and my schedule. If I could have found an investment coach to help me create my personal plan then it would have been well worth it and likely shaved two years off of my path to becoming a millionaire."




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